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MOLINA INTERNATIONAL was funded in 1977 originally as an entity on the gaming machines business. Along the years, it became one of the most important amusement equipment suppliers of the Argentine Republic and it deals with the most prestigeous brandnames worldwide.

These are the basis that led us to a sound and sustainable development and allowed us to enter into the gaming business.

Around the middle of the 90s, we adopted this branch and from that moment on we have kept the same enthusiasm and dedication as in our origins. We begun to spread our business abroad and therefore we opened our main office in New Jersey, which is supervised directly by our president.

From then on, we have been constantly growing due to the geographic diversification of the dealing markets.

To provide a wide range of services and parts to the gaming industry seeking speed, efficiency, delivery, coordination and uprightness at the best price.

The customer as the mirror of our effort, both in the economic and human point of view, trying to turn our wishes into facts in order for the companies that trust us to get benefits. We wish, sinergically, your growth brings about our growth.

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